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Screening and Diagnostic Mammograms

What is a Screening Mammogram

The traditional digital mammogram takes two-dimensional pictures of the breast and is still one of the most advanced tools available for detecting breast abnormalities. A screening mammogram is used to detect breast tumors in women who have no symptoms of breast cancer.

The goal of a screening mammogram is to detect tumors that are too small or too deep to be discovered any other way. Put simply, mammography is an important part of a woman’s annual wellness check-up.

Most major medical associations recommend that women start screening mammography at age 40, and get screened annually.  Getting a high-quality screening mammogram and clinical breast exam at a breast dedicated facility is the most effective way to detect breast cancer early.

3D Mammography is the most advanced technology available for screening or diagnostic mammograms and is offered at our Women’s Imaging Facilities in both Annapolis and Easton.

What is a Diagnostic Mammogram

If one our breast specialized radiologist notices something on a patient’s screening mammogram that requires further evaluation, the patient may be called back for a diagnostic mammogram. The diagnostic evaluation serves as the next step to clarify any abnormalities detected during a screening mammogram or doctor’s exam.

Women detecting abnormalities during a self-exam (lump, discharge, dimpling) would also bypass the screening mammogram and would be scheduled for a diagnostic exam.

At CMI our breast specialist radiologist will review the images onsite and you will receive your results before you leave the appointment.

Please note that while learning you need a diagnostic exam can be particularly alarming to women, they aren’t necessarily cause for concern.

A diagnostic mammogram is simply the next step in clarifying any areas of concern detected.

3D Mammograms:

A breast mammogram A breast mammogram

What is 3D Mammography

3D Mammography or digital tomosynthesis is considered the most advanced technology in screening and diagnostic mammography.  Proven to detect abnormalities 15 months earlier than a standard mammogram. Not only is it more accurate, 3D Mammography also decreases recalls for additional tests, leading to greater peace of mind with your results. 3D technology is the standard at CMI to any screening or diagnostic mammogram.

All women can benefit from 3D Mammography, but it’s particularly helpful if you have:

  • dense breast tissue
  • frequent callbacks for mammograms
  • fibrocystic changes
  • family history of breast cancer




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